What changes on the Content Manager cause an "Update App Now" notification?


  This article is for our Classic Content Manager.

If you are an EventMobi customer and using experience.eventmobi.com, your account is using our new Experience Manager. If this is the case, please visit help.eventmobi.com

While some updates you make to the Content Manager will automatically push through to the event app you are building, others will trigger an "Update App Now" option at the top of the app menu that will need to be selected by app users to display the newly added information. 

Reference the list below to determine whether the change you are saving will appear immediately on the app, or require the user to select the update option. 


Push Updates

  • Adding or editing a section 
  • Adding or editing a session
  • Updating the Agenda Settings (i.e. changing the default view to Tracks)


Push Updates

  • Adding, removing or editing an attendee in the Content Manager
  • Creating a profile through the Attendee Dashboard for the first time
  • Updating a profile through the Attendee Dashboard


Push Updates

  • Adding or editing a speaker in the Content Manager 

Polls & Feedback

Push Update 

  • Adding or removing polls, surveys or Ask a Question


  • Updating the following in the Settings area of the Content Manager 
    • Restricting responses 
    • Allowing users to change responses 
    • Changing anonymous / logging in as mandatory


Push Update 

  • Adding content to a Documents module
  • Adding content to the Documents Library

Social Media 

Push Update 

  • Adding or editing the Social Media module 


Push Update

  • Adding or editing alerts 


Push Update 

  • Adding, deleting or hiding/showing a page
  • Deleting or hiding/showing a direct link 


  • Editing a page 
  • Adding or editing a direct link 


Push Update 

  • Creating, editing or deleting a challenge 
  • Disabling or enabling a challenge 
  • Updating the following Game Settings:
    • Editing Game Information 
    • Select the Reset Game option


  • Updating the following Game Settings: 
    • Enabling the option to Hide All Challenges 

Group Discussions

Push Update 

  • Adding, editing or deleting channels 


App Design Studio

Push Update 

  • Renaming a section in the app menu


  • Adding an Event Icon
  • Updating the app colors 
  • All other changes to the App Design Studio

Banner Ads


  • Adding, editing or deleting banner ads 

Event Info 


  • Changing the Event Name 
  • Adding or updating the Event Website field 
  • Updating the language
  • Changing the event dates 
  • All other changes to the Event Info page of the Content Manager 

Event Settings

Push Update 

  • Preventing attendees from adding/removing sessions
  • Enabling or disabling App Security
  • Enabling or disabling Attendee Messaging 
  • Enabling or disabling profiles 
  • All other changes to the Event Settings 


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