How do I make personal schedules show attendees' full schedules?

In the event app, attendees can view their personal schedules by clicking on their profile picture in the top right corner of the app and selecting the Agenda option under “Your Favorites”

This agenda view will display the current day’s personal schedule for the attendee, or the next day of the event that the attendee has sessions added to their agenda for. However, there is a way to create a shortcut that shows the entire personal schedule for the attendee by default.


  1. Go to the App Design Studio, and select the Sections tab
  2. Click Add a Module
  3. Name your module “My Schedule”, or something similar
  4. Select Direct Link as the module type from the dropdown menu
  5. Click Add Section
  6. Go to your new Direct Link module in the side menu
  7. In the link field, paste in this URL: (replace ‘SHORTCODE’ with the shortcode of your event)


TIP: You can use that URL to link to the full personal schedule in other places as well, such as the Home Screen


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