I just received an email asking me to edit my profile. What do I do with it?

If you are an attendee, speaker or a vendor who is attending an event and you have received an email from the organizers to edit your profile, you can click on the link in the email to be taken to your self-edit profile page. 


From here, you can add the information that will appear on your profile in the app. All of the fields on this page are optional so you can fill in your profile with as much or as little detail as you want.



In addition to filling out the profile details, some event organizers may provide the option for you to upload documents and handouts to your speaker profile or a session that you are presenting at.


Companies (Sponsors, Exhibitors, Vendors, etc)

You can fill in the description field with your company’s bio, or a description of your product as well. Additionally, you can also upload documents to your company profile if the organizer of the event has allowed the option. 


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