Hide the Social Media Fields on the User Profile Page

This will hide the Website, Twitter, and Facebook fields in the user profile page (right-hand menu).

Before                                               After

3.1_Before.png  3.1_After.png

Important Notes:

If these fields have already been filled in before they were hidden, or they were populated via excel import, they will still appear on the profile page in the Attendee listing. 


/* Prevent entry of social media accounts in attendee profile */
.edit-user-profile label[for=website],
.edit-user-profile input[name=website],
.edit-user-profile label[for=twitter],
.edit-user-profile input[name=twitter],
.edit-user-profile label[for=facebook],
.edit-user-profile input[name=facebook],
.edit-user-profile label[for=linkedin],
.edit-user-profile input[name=linkedin] {
display: none;
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