Why do some native app features not work on Windows or Blackberry OS10 devices?

Although our web app continues to deliver an exceptional experience for users of all smartphone platforms, the Blackberry and Windows phone operating systems are unable to support some of the more advanced functionalities our native event apps offer. Functional limitations on these platforms are listed at the bottom of this article.

With Blackberry & Microsoft moving away from full support for their developer platforms - in Blackberry’s case abandoning their operating system in favour of Android, we will be ending new development for native apps for the Blackberry and Windows Phone platforms as of April 1, 2017.

We will continue to offer full support for our web platform on both Blackberry & Windows devices, and user experience on the web version will not be impacted - so all of your attendees will still have access to your content and features!

Listed below are the features that are not supported on current versions of EventMobi’s native apps for both Windows and Blackberry devices. Please note, we will not be releasing future updates for Windows & Blackberry native apps to build in support for these features:


Features not supported



Image upload

Image upload

Push notifications

Push notifications

Offline support

Offline support


External links


Document display (PDF, ppt, docx, etc)


Back button support


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