How do I sync my information from Cvent?


  This article is for our Classic Content Manager.

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Cvent can be used to sync your Attendees and your Agenda, and it will feed the following information into your event app in the respective modules:



FirstName + LastName: Name

Title: Title

Company: Company Name

EmailAddress: Email 

*Only invitees who have accepted (and have not cancelled) will be included in the sync. Guests and custom fields are not included.


Agenda (this is taken from Cvent's ProductDetails within the Event that have the "Session" ProductType)

ProductName: Topic

ProductDescription: Description

StartTime and EndTime: Start Time and End Time, respectively 

*If an accepted invitee within Cvent has a "Session" ProductType within their OrderDetails and a matching session is found within our Content Manager, it can be used to create a personal schedule for that attendee on the app.


As previously mentioned on our other FAQ article on the topic of integration, you can arrange with the Cvent team to have the link to our CMS allowed and once that is done, here is the specific information you would need to obtain from them and where to key it in on our platform:


  • ACCOUNT NUMBER: that will be your Cvent account number, which is the Account Name that you will enter in the field below, on the login screen:


  • USERNAME: the username is not readily available from your Cvent profile; you will need to contact their Support team and/or Customer Success Manager so they can provide it to you. The sequence will traditionally be your Account Number + “api” (ex: EVENTM004api or EVENTM004api2) or a variation of this format.
  • PASSWORD: the password will NOT be your log-in password on to the Cvent platform (as depicted in the image above), but rather one that would be set-up by the Cvent team once they allow the sync. They therefore need to provide it to you once they enable the sync so you can proceed from our CMS.
  • E-CODE: this can be found by going to the overview page of your event on Cvent. In the the address bar of your window, the E-code is the string of letters and numbers that appear in the URL after “evtstub=” 



Once you launch your sync by clicking the Sync button, you will not see a progress bar. So unless you have an error message, please wait patiently for the confirmation of your data being successfully synced!

If you have any issues during your sync, just contact Support and we will be able to help review your credentials and let you know how to resolve the problem.


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