How do I view Polls & Feedback results?


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You can download and view the results from any of your audience engagement tools, such as Live Polls and Event Surveys, as either a PDF or Excel file.

  1. In the page of any feedback type, click the Results tab.
  2. Click the Generate Reports button Screen_Shot_2017-02-24_at_2.13.18_PM_copy.png
  3. Select the format you want to download the results as
  4. Select whether the results are anonymized (the raw data Excel file will always show email addresses of the respondents, and Ask a Question results are always anonymized)
  5. Click Generate Report
  6. Once the report has been generated, click Download Report.

The downloaded .zip file will contain all of the results of that feedback type. For example, if you generated and downloaded reports for your Live Polls, the .zip file will contain reports for all of the Live Polls you have created in your app.

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