How can I display or anonymize attendee information in the reports?

When you download the results of your Live Polls, Session Feedback surveys, or Event Surveys, you can choose whether the identities of the attendees who answered those surveys are shown in the report or not.

  1. In the Results tab, click on Generate Reports. 
  2. Beside “Anonymize Attendees” option:
    • select Yes to keep the attendee information anonymous
    • select No to show attendee information in the reports

If you choose to download the reports as a raw data Excel file, the attendee information will always be shown. In Ask a Question reports, all submissions are anonymous, so the results will not show any identifying information.


Polls & Feedback settings

The availability of attendee information in your survey reports is also affected by the settings in your Polls & Feedback module. When you click on the Settings tab in the Polls & Feedback module, there is an option to determine whether you want to know who responded to your surveys.

Yes, identify all participants by requiring them to log in
Attendees will be required to log into the app with their email before being able to submit poll/survey responses. That means all of their emails will be available in your reports if you choose not to anonymize attendee information

Yes, but don't make logging in mandatory
Attendees do not have to log into the app to answer surveys. Participants will be identified only if they happen to be logged in, and participants who have not logged in will not show their emails in the reports even if you choose not to anonymize attendee information.

No, keep all responses anonymous.
Attendee emails will not be displayed in reports even if you choose not to anonymize information.

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